Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ummm, yaaaa

So, I survived the ski trip. How? I have no idea. When we arrived, the thermometer read -9 degrees. -9 degrees feels exactly how you imagine it would; like a complete absence of warmth. As soon as I stepped outside, I could feel everything in my nose freeze. Gross, right? Hey, I'm trying to be descriptive.

I then spent the rest of the night doing what people do on the GW Law ski trip. After a few hours of sleep (and Wii playing), I hit the slopes. I'm not a fantastic skier. I can get down the mountain without paralysis, but I've been run over by skiers before and subsequently ski patrolled off the slopes. That is not good times. I was hoping to avoid a repeat performance.

Surprisingly, and certainly out of character for me, I did the smart thing and stuck to the green and blue slopes (beginner and intermediate). Although I wiped out a few times on both days, I did so with grace and lived to tell the story. Clearly, the lack of hospital visits indicates progress.

On both of the final nights, I continued to do what people do on the GW Law ski trip. This mostly involved many hours of playing Kings, F&^^@ the Dealer, and Ride the Bus. Now, that last one is a doozy. If you're itching to find new and creative ways to get drunk, I would advise playing Ride the Bus. You will get drunk. Quickly. Embarrassingly. Laughingly. Amazingly. Do it.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was the annual trip to Snowshoe's "Connection" nightclub. When people from previous ski trips mentioned "Connection," they couldn't do so without laughing. This piqued my curiosity. Surely we can all use some connecting in our lives, no?

It was everything I'd hoped for. Semi-toothless bouncers guarded the entrance like it was their personal conjugal trailer. Inside, a DJ spun "hits" while many GW Law girls danced on the stage. Meanwhile, the townies stared at them, sadly thinking they were attractive. Ah, isolation (I'm mean, they were all quite lovely).

We ultimately made our way back on MLK Day, a little wiser, a little sadder, and definitely drunker. Thank you, GW Law Ski Trip, for teaching me such great lessons. I'll never forget you.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm still trying to get over the fact that Winter Break and I split up. Things were going so well and then poof, gone. I've been keeping myself busy in an effort to avoid thinking about it.

Here's a quick review of my post-break activities:

1. Went to class (oh, and lots of them!)
2. Went to work (only fifteen hours, not so bad)
3. Broke my drinking-less resolution by getting drunk at the Big Hunt, a party for an incoming Senator, at a tapas place in Arlington, and a little at my house. Whoops!
4. Watched a lot of football while studying
5. Hosted a friend of mine from my old symphony
6. Rested (this was the best one)

Plans for the upcoming week? Saving my energy for this weekend's ski trip. I REALLY don't want to break anything, throw up, or die on this trip, so resting up beforehand is imperative. With any luck, I'll be healthily watching Barry's inauguration from the comfort of my Balls-ton home a week from tomorrow. With more luck, I'll check in before then. Godspeed.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Dear Winter Break,

Please don't go. I know that we've only been together since that crazy Wednesday in New Orleans, but I was hoping this wasn't just a fling. I thought that these past two and a half weeks really meant something to you. I know they meant the world to me.

Don't you remember all the amazing things we did together? We partied like rock stars in New Orleans, met my very first niece in that lovely hospital in Boston, heck we brought the New Year in together. I even saved my New Year's kiss for you. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Am I just another student passing through until next year's shenanigans?

You know what, you can just shove it. I've been hearing rumors about this hot new break called Spring Break. Apparently Spring Break passes by like a shooting star but she's much warmer and one step closer to a Break I could really settle down with; luscious Summer Break.

So screw you Winter Break! I'm moving on to greener pastures. Clearly you didn't appreciate what a good thing we had going. There's an outside shot you can get back into my good graces by early December next year, but you better come up with something good. A trip to Cabo maybe? It was fun, Winter Break. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.



Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm with Calvin on this one. I've never been one to make resolutions. You're only setting yourself up for failure by resolving to do something you haven't been able to do your entire life for an entire YEAR. A year is a long time, people. We're talking a complete revolution of the earth around the sun. Do you know how far that is? 150 million freaking kilometers! That's just absurd.

If I was one to make resolutions, the following list encompasses things I should probably resolve to do (and soon):

1. Look for a summer job!
2. Drink less, watch other people drink more.
3. Attempt to show up on time to class.
4. Lessen my carbon footprint by not opting to drive any distance over ten feet.
5. Not eat every single meal out.
6. Learn to say "women are not objects" with a straight face (which I've been unable to do for over a year now)
7. Blog more than once a week. I'm sure you're all keeping your fingers crossed on that one...

At Least I'm Still Alive

I ended up rallying enough to go to a party, get mildly drunk, go to a club, not get mildly drunk, and then take care of someone who was WILDLY drunk. I would rate this as a solid B+ compared to previous New Year's Eve experiences. Sad? Maybe. Progress? Definitely. Next year I'm aiming to be the one WILDLY drunk and have someone awesome (like me) taking care of me. That will merit at least a high pass. Happy New Year!