Wednesday, November 25, 2009


At this point, it pains me to look at this blog. Every now and then, I sneak glances and think to myself, "man, I should really post something." Then I go through the motions of trying to think of something interesting/not self-indulgent. Since I'm mostly interested in myself, I give up and go back to looking at dinosaur cartoons or Deadspin.

Over the summer, when I was in Oxford, I liked to post. I'd do it for an hour, almost daily! Times have clearly changed. Who wants to hear about my antitrust class (I love the subject but hate the prof) or my internship (at an undisclosed location)? I guess it's interesting that I got a cool internship at this shiny NEW place next semester, but I can't really talk about that either. There have been times when I've wanted to blog about sports, but that pretty much cuts out most of my audience (I love you, Mom!).

What prompted this blogging explosion? You guessed it, FINALS! I started outlining today. I hate outlining with every fiber of my body. I LOOOOVE flash cards. I HAAAATE outlining. If I can't learn a subject through flash cards, I'm one ornery dude.

I'm also a dude who looks for any and every way to procrastinate. Watching six-year-olds pancake other six-year-olds on deadspin can get old after the 100th view. I guess that leads me back here; my one-time home of many happily wasted hours. Let's hope this does the trick a while (for both of us! I love you, Mom!).