Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mexico Recap

1. Got off the ferry at Isla Mujeres at 1 on Friday.
2. Shots with Dan at 1:03.
3. Hitchhiked to house at 2:15.
4. Arrived at house via golf cart at 2:30.
5. Drunk by 4ish.
6. Blurry between 4-10ish.
7. Fell off roof around 10:30.
8. Got up off the ground around 10:31.
9. Thanked God that I was still alive at 10:32.
10. Thrown in pool four times between 11 and midnight (leaving me without a dry shirt...).
11. Naked by midnight (apparently, I am terrible at strip spoons, especially when I begin the game only wearing a bathing suit).
12. Blurry between 1-5 when I finally passed out on a couch.
13. Brushed my teeth with tap water at 11 the next morning.
14. Montezuma's Revenge by 12:30 (thanks to aforementioned tooth brushing).
15. In bed by 2.
16. Sweaty, vomity mess from 2 on Saturday until noon on Monday.
17. Finally out of bed for good at around 1.
18. Glorious beach day from 1:30-5:30.
19. Drunken blur from 5:30-1:30.
20. On the ferry back to Cancun at 10 am.
21. On my flight at noon.
22. Home by 9:30.
23. Still alive. Thank God.


saisai said...

no saints post?!? the only excuse is if you're still hungover from celebrating.

23 said...

It's coming. I've been delayed by the Snowpocalypse. Oh, and trying to figure out how not to have EVERY EFFING BLOG POST I'VE EVER MADE show up on Google Buzz...